Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Chin

If you have a problem w/ blackheads, latest sources can inform you of a simple methods for know how to get rid of blackheads on chin. Though people of all ages can get blackheads, it is peculiarly common amongst youth. During the teen years, skin glands tend to produce more oil on the body. when you combine this increase in oil w/ accumulated dirt, grease and grime, the pores on your skin can easily get clogged up. The results are blackheads and pimples. Faulty cleaning habits contribute to the formation of blackheads and pimples and further aggravate the problem.

The following recipes that you can try for know how to get rid of blackheads on chin and other areas of your body.

  • Steaming-- is a fairly easy way of getting rid of a blackhead problem. It operates by opening the pores of your skin and unclogging dirt, grime, etc. Steam rooms and saunas work great for this type of skin problem. It is also provides an excellent way of relieving stress. If no sauna is available, you can create your own facial sauna by boiling a pot of water, placing a towel over your head and allowing the steam from the water to penetrate your facial features. You can add a few drops of iodine or lemon juice to the water for greater effect. As the blackheads loose, you can remove w/ cotton or gauze.
  • Honey--you can apply warm honey on your face as a face mask and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash well with warm water. This has also been effective in removing blackheads. If you only suffer from blackheads on your chin and no where else, you may limit the honey to your chin area only. Another face mask you could try is honey combined w/ salt, lemon and yogurt. Some people use it as a facial scrub with good results.
  • Lime Juice and Milk--washing your face or just the chin area, if you prefer with lime juice mixed w/ warm milk can help you to get rid of blackheads. Lime juice is a key ingredient in many ‘get rid of blackheads’ home recipes due to its Vitamin C content. Some of the recipes are a bit on the complicated side to produce. But another incredibly simple one to follow consists of merely washing the affected areas w/ pure lime juice for a cleaner, fresher look.
  • Oatmeal Mask-- by mixing oatmeal w/ rose water, you can develop a mask to cover the areas with blackheads. Leave the mask in place for 15 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. You can also make a paste out of ground up radish seeds and a mixture of tumeric, milk and red sandalwood. All these pastes help in the removal of blackheads.
  • Green Tea/Egg Whites--applying green tea or egg whites to your chin helps to clean up the problem. You can also apply green tea as a scrub to maintain your face clear and healthy.

All these are natural means of how to get rid of blackheads on chin. You may have to apply treatments different times before you see effective results. However, since the ingredients are fairly cheap to buy and the recipes simple to follow, that should not pose a problem. The best cure is preventing blackheads from forming to begin with. You can effectively achieve this by upgrading your cleanliness standard w/c will in turn improve your overall health.


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