Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Get Rid of a Blackeads Bruise

Blackhead is made by excess oil that has clogged into the pores. This normally occurs when the oil is cornered or is unable to flow to the surface of the skin due to soft pore and dead skin cells blocking the way out. When the pore is open, the oil is exposed to oxygen that responds and turn into a dark color – blackheads! Oftentimes, these bumps are indented and looks like a tiny plug. The cause of blackheads is apparently because of increased oil product. Another reason is the increase of male hormones called androgens; this will growth the natural product of oil in your skin causing more oil to build up in your pores. These can eventually cause a blackhead bruise that you have to deal with using the following tips.

Get Rid of a Blackhead Bruise

Remember great factors that can aggravate the problem.

Skin care products and makeup can also be the culprit in the formation of blackheads because these products will mix w/ the body’s natural oil and add to the buildup that will block pores. Extracting blackheads can be done using a sterile blackhead remover, but you must have to be sure that there is no sign of infection in and around the affected area. Usually squeezing blackheads when they are inflamed is the number one cause of infection and bruise.

Prepare some materials that will help.

Provide all things you’ll need such as face wash, ice cube, clean cloth, and warm compress. You need to stop taking any oral supplements or skin creams that contains Vitamin E, aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for a while because these drugs can growth the bruising.

Use a pillow.

If injures start to appear, you should always keep your head elevated above your heart to keep the blood flow from pooling into the bruise, even when you are sleeping. Put some extra pillow on your head to keep it propped up to ensure that your head is elevated.

Always rinse your face w/ a cleanser.

Choose a cleanser specified for pore cleaning. To minimize the swelling, place an ice in a clean cloth and apply it to the bruise. According to American Health and Beauty, ice will help to constrict the blood vessel in the area and reduce the swelling. Leave the cold compress on the bruise for about 15 minutes. Then continue to apply ice on the bruise every hour for 15 to 20 minutes.

Try cold compress.

After 48 hours of applying cold compress, apply warm compress if the swelling has not subsided. Let the warm compress stay on your bruise for at least 20 minutes and repeat 3 times a day.

Use vinegar.

You can also use vinegar by mixing it with warm water. Vinegar increases blood flow near the skin’s surface and helps breakup pooled blood that causes the bruise.

The better thing you can do to avoid bruises is to prevent blackheads from appearing on your face. Real skin care and having healthy lifestyle are some of the requirements to have a healthy skin as well. That way, you can get rid of a blackhead bruise in no time.

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