Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Get Rid of Blackheads on a Baby

Blackheads, a type of acne, are fairly popular for babies to develop within the first couple of weeks after birth. Baby acne, including blackheads, produces due to hormonal changes that can get oil glands. Not all babies get acne but babies who do develop acne most often do so on their cheeks. In some cases, babies can have blackheads on their forehead, chin and backs as well. In some cases, serious baby acne can be a sign of a hormone problem and should be addressed with your pediatrician.

  • Wash your baby's skin with gentle baby soap and water on a daily basis. Softly pat your baby's skin dry after washing. Be careful not to wash the area too much, as this can make your baby's delicate skin irritated and make blackheads and other acne worse.
  • Avoid lotions or oils. Lotions and oils can make your baby's skin worse and cause further irritation. Do not use over-the-counter acne medicines on your baby's skin. Blackheads on your baby should not be treated like acne that is experienced by many teens.
  • Do not pinch or squeeze the blackheads or bumps. Your baby's skin is very sensitive and just as w/ anyone, pinching or squeezing acne can cause increased pain, irritation and, in some cases, infection. Rupturing the skin to release blackheads can also cause scarring of your baby's skin.
  • Practice patience. Waiting for the acne to go away on its own is normally the best course of action. If your baby is not irritated by the blackheads, try not to let them bother you. If your baby's skin does not clear up within 3 months, ask your pediatrician for advice, as it could be a sign of a more important problem.


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