Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to Get Rid Of Blackheads With Wax

The medical condition for a blackhead is an open comedo, falling under the classification of acne vulgaris. It is much a yellow or black plug in an enlarged pore. The blackhead consists of sebum and keratin, w/c only darkens as it oxidizes. Blackheads are a popular skin problem in all age groups, but teenagers and young adults are specially given to them. There are different ways to remove blackheads from the face.

  • Wash the affected areas. Use a gentle cleaner to wash the spots that will be waxed. This gets rid of dirt and grime, which keeps wax from sticking.
  • Steam the face. Fill a sink full of hot water, and hold the head about 6 inches instantly over the water. This gives the pores and makes the blackheads occur out easier. To further the effect, drape a towel or washcloth over the head and sink of water to tent the steam and permeate the pores further.
  • Heat the wax. Read the instructions on the wax to determine how to heat it. Most waxes are microwaveable, but some need heating over a heat source such as a candle, or in a heating device. For ease of use, read the tags before buying the wax and buy one that is microwaveable.
  • Apply warmed wax to affected areas. Most of the time, the wax comes w/ the applier. If not, simply use a clean Popsicle stick. These are available for purchase in the craft section of the store. Do small sections at a time, spreading the wax in one application.
  • Press on the paper strip. Rub the strip, putting pressure over the waxed areas. Rub in the same way of the wax application. It takes about a minute for the wax to cool.
  • Pull the strip off. Take a deep breath, and grab one end of the paper strip. Quickly pull the strip straight up, hard and fast.
  • Apply a comfortable lotion. Of course, make sure that the lotion used won't clog pores. Lotions such as Cetaphil are dermatologist-recommended and moisturize without having breakouts.

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