Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to Get Rid of Huge Blackheads on Nose

Blackheads comes to everyone at some point in their lives. The nose is one of the most popular places for blackheads to form, along w/ the chin, cheeks and forehead. Blackheads process when your hair follicles enlarge, allowing bacteria and oil to get inside. That oil and bacteria has a chemical reaction which gets blackheads. You can, however, get rid of the blackheads on your nose by taking the right medications and vitamins, using regular medicine and steaming your skin.

  • Make an appointment with your esthetician. An esthetician is a professionally taken beautician who can remove the huge blackheads on your nose. Estheticians use a tool called an extractor, which will loose the puss and bacteria that built up in the blackheads on your nose. You can pay a professional to extract your blackheads, or you can do it yourself. Place the 2 loops on the end of the extractor on either side of your blackhead. Slow put pressure on the blackhead until a white colored puss releases from the blackhead. If you remove the blackhead yourself, make sure that are gentle w/ the extractor as you can permanently scar your skin.
  • Make an appointment with your dermatologist. Your doctor is the only person who can prescribe a medication that can kill the bacteria inside the huge blackheads on your nose. Doctors prescribe retinoids to kill that bacteria, the most common forms of retinoids are Differin, Retin-A and Tazora.
  • Rub aloe vera into the blackheads on your nose. Aloe vera is occupied w/ a chemical that can kill the bacteria and oil trapped inside your blackhead. Aloe vera is also a cooling agent that can save the swelling and aching of your blackheads. Purchase a bottle of aloe vera gel, or break a leaf off of an aloe vera plant. Squeeze the juice from the leaf and rub into the blackheads on your nose. If your decide to buy aloe vera gel, make sure there is a high percentage of aloe vera in the gel, as many claim to be aloe vera gel but actually control very little aloe vera.
  • Expose the huge blackheads on your nose to steam. The hot temperature from the steam will open up your pores and release all the oil and bacteria that is trapped inside your blackheads. Boil water, stream into a shallow long bowl and place your nose over the steam. Put your nose close enough to the steam that you can feel the heat but not so close that you burn the skin on your nose. Place a towel over your head so that the steam is trapped underneath the towel. Stay under the towel for at least 10 minutes. Rinse your face with a mild soap good after you take off the towel so you rinse off the bacteria that you just released from your blackheads right away.
Things You'll Need
  • Extractor
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Mild soap


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